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Git Plugin


Bug Fix: Handle Concurrent Changes to Git History

On some platforms, a fatal error would occur if an external process modified a version controlled file. Most often this occurred when lock files, or other files that were not intended to be version controlled, were accidentally included due to missing entries in the .gitignore.

These scenarios are no longer treated as an error, although the inclusion of non source files in the git history may result in additional processing and slow performance.


Enhancement: Improved Logging

Small enhancement to logging to ensure the last accessed file is recorded when an IOException occurs.


Bug Fix: Ensure Resources Released

Fix for potential resource leak when analysing very large changesets.


Enhancement: Dynamic Licence Retrieval

See Licence Management for details.


New Feature: Test Driven Change

Additional mode of operating, see test based mode

Enhancement: Automaticaly Unset FailWhenNoMutations

When the plugin is activated pitest’s failWhenNoMutations property is now automatically unset. This removes the need for additional config when the changes in the git history do not include mutable code.