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Gradle Plugins for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure Integration


Bug Fix: Errors with Gradle < 8.2

Older versions of gradle throw errors in the 1.2.0 release due to the inclusion of a multi release jar dependency. Gradle was attempting to scan all classes in the jar using a version of ASM that did not support recent bytecode versions.

When upgrading, the pitest-git-plugin should also be upgraded to 1.3.1.


Requires pitest 1.16.0 or above and pitest-git-plugin 1.3.0 or above

Breaking Change: Extend Internal Json Format

The simplified Json output from which pull request summaries are generated is expanded in this release to include additional data. The files previously took the form of simple arrays, they are now Json objects.

Although the Json file format is an undocumented internal implementation detail, it is possible that teams have created build steps based on it. These will need to be updated when upgrading.

As both the gradle plugin and the git plugin access this json file, the two must be upgraded at the same time.

Enhancement: Report Build Issues

Build issues reported by pitest and its plugins are now displayed on pull request summaries. This includes notifications of licence expiry.

Enhancement: Remove Use of Deprecated Gradle Method

The plugins no longer use the deprecated getBuildDir method.

Known Issue With Gradle < 8.2

Gradle 8.2 or above is required to use this release due to a bug in earlier versions, which attempt to scan all class files within multi release jars. The scan fails when gradle encounters classes compiled for versions of Java more recent than its embedded version of ASM supports.

We will attempt to work around this issue in a future release.


Enhancement: Bitbucket Cloud Access Tokens

Previous released supported authenticating with Bitbucket cloud only via app passwords. By default, the maven plugin now expects an access token to be supplied in the bitbucket.token field.

App passwords are still supported, but discouraged. To use an app password the parameter bitbucket.useAppPassword must bet set to true.

A configuration change must therefore be made when upgrading

When an access token is used to authenticate, the bitbucket.user parameter no longer needs to be set. This parameter is required only when using app passwords.


Relocate Maven Co-ordinates

This release moves the plugins to com.arcmutate. Previous releases were published as com.groupcdg.

1.0.7 Enhancement: Support Deletion of Resolved Comments

Arcmutate now supports deleting Bitbucket server comments that have been marked as resolved by a user. Previously these read-only comments were left in place.


Bug Fix: Do No Error for Resolved Comments

Recent versions of Bitbucket server allow comment threads to be marked as resolved and placed in a read only state. If a user resolved a comment created by Arcmutate, the plugin threw an error when attempting to delete or update the resolved comment.


Enhancement: Optionally Create Tasks on Bitbucket Server

When the gitci level is set to error, mutations will now be created as tasks on bitbucket server.

Enhancement: Retain Outdated Mutant Descriptions

For Bitbucket server, when a mutation comment cannot be deleted due to replies, the original text will now be retained when marking the comment as outdated.


Enhancement: Report Number of Covering Tests

Previously the pull request integrations reported the number of tests run against each mutant. This did not work well when a history file was also used, as the number of executed tests would be zero after the first analysis if the code and tests around a mutant were not changed.

The number of covering tests for each mutant is now reported instead. This is a stable figure, even when a history file is in use, and arguably more useful information to be presented with when assessing a surviving mutant.


Bug Fix: Correct Input Annotation for Gradle 8

Use of @Input annotation on RegularFilePropertyt is an error when using gradle 8 and above.


Bug Fix: Broken Table For Bitbucket Server

When all mutations were killed, the table failed to render correctly on bitbucket server which requires additional whitespace in the markdown.


Bug Fix: Handle Comments With Replies

Comments with replies cannot be deleted on BitBucket Server, which could cause the plugin to fail when updating an MR (BitBucket cloud is unaffected).

The plugin will now replace the contents of comment that cannot be deleted with a fixed message.


Enhancement: Delete Summaries In GitHub

Adds the option to delete past summary comments in GitHub PRs. This is controlled by a new deleteOldSummaries parameter which defaults to false.


Enhancement: Explicit Pitest Report Paths

A new optional parameter has been introduced for all git integrations. This allows the directories in which the plugin looks for output files to be set explicitly. When set this override the default behaviour of seaching the output directories of tasks named pitest.